Upcoming Collider.JAM DR2

We are close to Collider.JAM Development Release 2. It takes longer than I initially expected. But I’m confident, we can roll it out until the end of February 2020.

All features are there, only packaging is missing.

The todo list for future releases is immense. However, I would prefer more frequent releases with small changes over long ones like DR1 and DR2.

The main focus of DR3 is going to be documentation, so expect new examples and tutorials. That will bring the simplicity of Collider.JAM to more people.

Collider.JAM DR1 Notes

An invasion needs out-of-this-world technologies to pixelate reality.

Collider.JAM is our latest investment in tools that looks really promising. It tries to capture the essence of game jamming into a game development framework that power-ups your creativity.

I pushed the first public release to npm repo back in September 2019 and the project has changed a lot since then. But I think it is a good idea to leave here the notes on the features available in DR1. That would make a good reference point in the future.

So, here are the core features of the last release:

Collider.JAM Development Release 1
[!] first public release
[+] core scene structure defined
[+] resources auto-loading
[+] game lifecycle and the main loop
[+] code evaluation in a customized scope
[+] basic libraries including node and math helpers
[+] rudimentary HUD subsystem
[+] dev tools - status info, console, scene explorer
[+] web packaging
[+] desktop packaging

Hold on, DR2 will be much better!