Collider.JAM DR4

Collider.JAM Development Release 4 is out.

It is another important milestone for the game framework development. There is no single big feature, but many small, nevertheless significant, improvements.

You can spawn entities by providing state descriptors now. So, instead of multiple lab.spawn() calls somewhere in setup() just put state descriptors in /lab. Collider will spawn them automatically.

There are custom post-processors for *.js and *.json files. That will simplify work with customized file formats and structures. And although we had custom format processing for ages, it worked only with plain text files. Now there is a simple way to post-process .json and .js objects as well.

The full list is too long for a single post. You can run mixes in sketch mode now, there are changes in how traps work, there are new ways to control mods, there is a new dynamic Z-ordering…

All little things to boost your creativity!

At the moment I’m shooting a series of video tutorials covering the fundamentals of Collider.JAM and JavaScript development. I hope it can be a booster for people trying to get into creative coding.