Collider.JAM DR1 Notes

An invasion needs out-of-this-world technologies to pixelate reality.

Collider.JAM is our latest investment in tools that looks really promising. It tries to capture the essence of game jamming into a game development framework that power-ups your creativity.

I pushed the first public release to npm repo back in September 2019 and the project has changed a lot since then. But I think it is a good idea to leave here the notes on the features available in DR1. That would make a good reference point in the future.

So, here are the core features of the last release:

Collider.JAM Development Release 1
[!] first public release
[+] core scene structure defined
[+] resources auto-loading
[+] game lifecycle and the main loop
[+] code evaluation in a customized scope
[+] basic libraries including node and math helpers
[+] rudimentary HUD subsystem
[+] dev tools - status info, console, scene explorer
[+] web packaging
[+] desktop packaging

Hold on, DR2 will be much better!